Storage Container Maintenance For Hinges And Locks

Shipping containers often deteriorate in their quality due to their frequent usage. The hinges and locks were unanimously agreed upon to be the ones that get worn out quickest. Within a short time, those that were once very good and functional are no more. This is the reason merchants have come up with several Storage Container Maintenance practices to ensure the various container parts are in good condition for longer. There are many ways in which they do this, it is a matter of which one works for you best.

There are two steps that are involved in the care and maintenance practices. The first step is to remove any crud that has accumulated in the area that eventually bars the door from closing or opening. Once you have done this, you will need to lubricate the hinges with a good lubricant to ease the movement and also reduce the rate at which the crud accumulates. You will no longer have any problems while opening or closing the door. The users mix two agents, one responsible for the lubrication while the other stops crud build up.

There are so many agents that can be used, in this case. An example of the most commonly used agents are fluid film and rust check. There is also muriatic acid that was mixed with liquid soap, paint thinner mixed with brake fluid, diesel fuel mixed with motor oil, WD40 mixed with automatic transmission fluid and automatic transmission fluid mixed with acetone. The list is endless as there are other chemicals that are used too. Some of these products are found in some states while others are not. Therefore, you just have to use what is available and works for you.

However, of all these methods of Storage Container Maintenance practices, there is one that is the best and the easiest. You will clean the hinges with paint thinner. Drill a hole, tap it and insert a zerk on each hinge that you will fill with grease once every six months. In this case, the grease will do both roles of lubricating and preventing the crud from accumulating. The method is easy and the agents cheap. There are so many solutions to the problem, more which can be found on website.

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