Storm-Related Living Expenses Covered by Home Insurance in Austin TX

Storm-Related Living Expenses Covered by Home Insurance in Austin TX

Central Texas is no stranger to tornadoes. Homeowners whose house experiences structural damage in a tornado often need to find another place to live for a while. If they can’t stay with friends or family, they may need to stay in a hotel or rent an apartment on a short-term basis. Home Insurance in Austin TX typically pays the bill for the lodging under a section of the policy called “additional living expenses.” Household residents also can receive payment for meals they have at restaurants while they can’t live at home. This feature is extremely helpful to people who might otherwise have serious financial difficulties when having to not only pay the mortgage and other bills but for temporary lodging as well.

Another storm-related expense Home Insurance in Austin TX is likely to pay for involves what happens when the power is off for a lengthy time. Tornadoes tend to happen during hot weather, and electricity going out can mean a lot of spoiled food in the refrigerator and freezer. Policyholders typically can be reimbursed for the cost of that lost food. An agent such as Patrick Court with State Farm can answer all the questions a potential customer has about various home insurance features.

These provisions come with the expectation that the costs are reasonable. It isn’t meant to be a ticket to staying at one of the priciest hotels in town. However, a family may reasonably expect to rent a suite, so there is some private sleeping space and enough room for everyone to be comfortable. Another option might be to rent two adjoining rooms for a family of four or five.

As with the lodging, the reliance on restaurants should be reasonable also. An insurer typically pays a certain amount over what the family normally spends on food in a month, so the policyholder doesn’t have to pay the extra. That means going out for daily expensive breakfasts and racking up dinner bills for filet mignon, lobster and wine will drain the meal funding relatively quickly. It’s best to get the free continental breakfast and eat meals that are more like what they have at home.

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