Taking Care Of A Home’s Gutter in Appleton

by | Dec 15, 2015 | Gutter

There are several routine maintenance steps that should be done to keep a gutter system working properly on a home. Failure to take care of a Gutter in Appleton can lead to unnecessary repair. Here are some steps that should be done regularly to keep a gutter system in great shape.

Gutters should be checked and cleaned before winter begins. This will help keep them intact when they become filled with snow and ice. They can be checked again in the spring to make repairs if necessary as a result of the weight of frozen precipitation.

First, any material in the Gutter in Appleton should be removed using gloved hands. This will allow the water to continue to flow through the gutter system freely. If water pools up around debris, it could cause a leaking roof if it gets caught underneath the bottom layer of shingles. After the debris is removed, clean the interior of the gutter with a mild detergent and a non-abrasive sponge. This will help expose any areas in need of repair. Bring a garden hose up to the gutter to make sure the water runs through to the downspout without leakage.

If the gutter shows any signs of wear, these portions should be repaired or replaced. Cracks can be sealed using caulk. Larger rips or holes can be patched with a piece of flashing caulked over the area. If gutters are pulling away from the side of the home or drooping, so they are not catching all water that drips off the roof, they will need to be reattached using brackets. These are screwed into the side of the home, and the gutters rest comfortably inside of them. Gutters that are not completely straight should be replaced with new pieces, so water is redirected away from the home without incident.

If someone needs further information about how to maintain a gutter system on their home, they can Contact Motto & Sons. This roofing service will send someone to do a complete evaluation of the gutter system and make necessary repairs or replacements if they are needed.

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