Terms For Atlanta Homeowners To Know For Air Conditioning Installation

Terms For Atlanta Homeowners To Know For Air Conditioning Installation

It can be confusing for homeowners in Atlanta to compare options in HVAC systems, particularly when it comes to air conditioners. There are different makes, models, and options, and there are also different sizes, capacities, and energy efficiency ratings.

The company you are working with for the purchase and air conditioning installation should take the time to ensure the customer understands the specific terms. With a full understanding of what is meant by terms, the customer can make an informed decision about the best AC unit for the home.

Important Terms

While some terms used may be self-evident, some are not as clear. For example, the airflow volume is the amount of air that is circulated in a cubic foot. It is measured in cfm or cubic feet per minute. While this is important, it has to be considered with the energy efficiency rating for the unit.

It would not be a wise decision to go forward with an air conditioning installation for a unit with a high airflow volume but a low energy rating. While you may have a lot of cold air, it would be costly to keep the unit operating.

EER and Energy Star

An important factor to know before any air conditioning installation is the EER number for the unit. The EER is the Energy Efficiency Ratio. It is measured in BTU (British Thermal Units) and provides information on the output or cooling ability of the unit as compared to the energy required to operate the unit at the temperature. The higher the number, the more efficient the unit and the less energy required to maintain the temperature.

ENERGY STAR approval is granted by the US Environmental Protection Agency. This designates the specific model of air conditioner meets the standards set by the agency. It is not an indicator of overall efficiency above those standards.

When looking at air conditioners in Atlanta, ask questions if you are not sure about a term or its importance in comparisons between units. Experienced staff will be able to provide the necessary information and explain the relevance.

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