Thai and Sports Therapy Massage in Honolulu, HI

Thai and Sports Therapy Massage in Honolulu, HI

Sports are a recreational activity many enjoy and also can cause injury to joints, muscles, and tendons. Professional athletes benefit from massage therapy to either prepare the body and mind before a game or to relax sore aching muscles after. Massage therapy has become as widely used in athletics outside of professional sports because there is proven fact that receiving massage therapy lowers injuries and improves performance. Those who enjoy sports will often have stressed and overused muscle groupings in the body from repetitive motions.

An athlete can benefit from a Sport massage in Honolulu HI to keep them at peak performance. Sports massage therapy is designed to target specific muscle-tendon junctions that become stressed during high endurance activity. Creating a specific therapy plan with a certified massage therapist can help to keep joints and tendons from suffering painful tears or dislocation. Receiving even a 30-minute massage before a sporting event can improve hip-flexor range of motion and relaxes the muscles enough that soreness becomes minimized after the activity.

Combining sports massages with other types of therapy is also beneficial to clients. Foot massages have been practiced for centuries as the feet are believed to have corresponding areas of the body, by massaging the feet a therapist can help to relieve chronic pain throughout the whole body. Many therapists will also use Thai-yoga to manipulate muscle groupings to stretch and relax them. Therapists will use their body to lean in and apply certain amounts of pressure to a client’s muscles and joints to relax them and widen the range of motion.

These types of massage therapies before and after have greatly improved endurance and lessened injuries received from sports and exercise. Working closely with a certified therapist in Sport massage in Honolulu HI can keep people enjoying the activities they love. Receiving massage therapy is as good for the mind as it is for the body, and at Thai-Issan Therapeutic Massage Honolulu HI their therapists will work closely with clients to achieve the right therapy for them. Regular massage has been used to relieve stress, lower blood pressure and reduce fatigue. All individuals can benefit from going to to see the variety of massage therapies available, for both the athletic and the spectator alike.

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