The Advantages Of Coated Steel Pipe

There are applications where bare steel pipe is all that is required, and there are industrial applications where you need to have coated steel pipe. There are different types of coatings which can be used on pipe to provide the durability, resistance, and specialized interior or exterior protection you need.

The most common options in coated steel pipe are used in a range of different types of construction and processing. Many industries need highly specific types of coating and finding a company to supply what you need may be a challenge.


FBE or Fusion Bond Epoxy can be used for both a coating as well as a lining. This is one of the most requested options in coated steel pipe. It is used in pipeline construction, piping connections and anywhere corrosion resistance is a critical factor.

FBE has been around since the middle of the 1960s, but the actual coating materials, as well as the process, have been greatly enhanced. These coatings may be used as a single application or in a multilayered coating, depending on the requirements of the user.

There are four important components in FBE including resin, curing agent, fillers and pigments for color. The resin and the curing agent bind the epoxy to the surface of the pipe. Depending on their specific chemical composition they provide different benefits.


Galvanizing includes creating a coated steel pipe that will remain rust free. A thin layer of zinc is applied to the surface of the pipe to form a skin to virtually eliminate corrosion and damage for a significant amount of time.

Galvanizing is often used in a variety of construction materials and pipe needs both for interior and exterior use. It is important to note that over time galvanized steel can rust, and this is a factor of exposure to corrosive compounds.


Another option in fusion-bonded epoxy coating is Fletcherkote. This coating has been a leader in the industry and will create a corrosion resistant layer on the pipe. There is an entire line of products for creating this type of coated steel pipe, which is an NSF approved coating option.

Most common uses of Fletcherkote coated steel pipe include in oil and gas pipeline applications as well as water and wastewater transportation. In large municipal systems, the coating is also applied to tanks for increased protection.

Different companies offering coated steel pipe will provide a variety of additional coating options. Considering the different options and comparing their advantages will help you to select the right option for your needs.

At Kelly Pipe, we offer a wide range of different options in coated steel pipe including FBE, galvanizing, Synergy Wrap and Spiral Wrap. To learn more visit us online at website.

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