The Beneficial Steps Of Termite Control

by | Sep 15, 2014 | Pest Control Products

Effective Termite Control is provided in a series of beneficial steps. If you are building a home, these steps begin with a new construction pre-treatment. However, this is not always the case for most homeowners and they must discover alternative steps to keep their property safe from these damaging insects. To acquire services or a free estimate of services, you should contact AAA Exterminating today.

The first step involved in termite control is to conduct a complete evaluation and survey of all existing problems. Chances are you discovered termites swarming around the front entrances of your home. These insects are attracted to well-light areas and will create a swarm as they are freed from the basement and foundation of your property. However, if you have discovered them in a swarm, infestation of termites within your home is considerably detrimental.

Baiting and Treatment

The first line of define when treating a home for termites is to cut off their food sources. These insect build colonies within damp soil underneath your property. They create tunnels that run approximately twenty inches from its exterior to allow them to reach food sources such as plants and wood. As a measure to eliminate them, an exterminator will place barriers between their colonies and the tunnels to starve them. They will also spray chemicals within the affected areas to prevent further issues.

Annual Inspections for Damage

Most extermination providers offer a contract for annual inspections for termites. This inspection involves a complete evaluation of the property to determine whether new developments exist. They also evaluate any possible property damage and provide you with recommendations.

Inspections When Buying a Property

In addition to a standard property inspection, you can hire an extermination company to determine whether a property has an existing termite problem and determine whether or not damage was sustained. These services are provided at a flat rate and allow you to establish whether or not you wish to buy or wait for another option.

Termite extermination services can save your property. These destructive insects can cause significant property damage that could become irreparable if left untreated. If you wish to review the series of treatment options for these pests, visit the website to schedule an appointment.

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