The benefits of bathroom hand dryers

There are a number of benefits to having bathroom hand dryers installed, these include reducing vandalism, saving money, saving trees and saving maintenance time to keep the bathroom clean. When there are no paper towels to clog sinks and toilets vandals are thwarted. Eliminating paper towels also means the elimination of an ongoing expense. Companies can also reduce their maintenance costs as the maintenance personnel can be redirected as electric hand dryers require no cleanup or upkeep.

Many companies are showing that they are environmentally sensitive with their products and procedures, when bathroom hand dryers are employed that can add emphasis to their statement as there is a considerably savings in forestry products if paper is not used. Paper towels have all being the source of “ammunition” for clogging sinks and toilets, this persistent problem is immediately eliminated when hand dryers are used. As hand dryers have few accessible parts they are also less vulnerable to damage than paper towel dispensers.

Bathroom hand dryers can save a considerable amount of money over a period of time. Not only is not necessary to purchase paper towels and employee someone to keep the dispensers full, they cost very little to operate. The only real cost concern is the original acquisition cost along with the cost of installation, this is especially true if an electrical outlet has to be installed at the location of the hand dryer. These costs are quickly recovered.

Using hand dryers in the bathroom certainly saves considerable amounts of time and money as it takes no time at all to remove paper waste or to clean the paper waste from the floors and toilet areas. The need to periodically check the availability of paper towels in the dispenser is eliminated so maintenance employees can be diverted to other matters more pressing. It is not that electric hand dryers are totally maintenance free but they normally come with a guarantee that lasts for years that cover all parts costs. The manufacturers of these bathroom hand dryers claim that with regular maintenance their machines can easily last 20 years or longer.

It is often claimed that the use of hand dryers can decrease the potential of bacteria on the hands. This has not yet been confirmed, some studies show it does while others do not. Until such time as reliable studies are available this benefit of electric hand dryers is still debatable.

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