The Disconcerting Issue of a Roll Up Door in Metro West MA Opening by Itself

by | Nov 8, 2018 | Garage Door

The first time someone comes home from work and sees the garage door standing open, this person assumes somebody forgot to close it after leaving the house. If it happens again, the situation becomes mystifying. A company that installs and services a Roll Up Door in Metro West MA can check the system and figure out why the door is opening by itself.

A Disconcerting Occurrence

Sometimes the household residents are inside the house when they hear the garage door open, which is an unnerving experience. It might feel like the garage is haunted, especially if this occurs around Halloween.

It’s even more disconcerting when they arrive home after being gone all day and find it like that, leaving everything inside available for would-be thieves. Many people don’t bother locking the entry door that leads from inside the garage to the house because nobody should be able to get into the garage. The home’s security is diminished when this occurs.

Electrical Issues

Often, this kind of random opening of a Roll Up Door in Metro West MA is due to electrical problems. A power surge that damaged the electrical equipment or a short in the wiring could cause the system to malfunction this way.

Safety Beam Malfunction

Sometimes the issue is a malfunction of the safety light beams at the bottom of the door, which prevent closing if the sensors detect an object underneath. The driver of the vehicle presses the remote to close the door and then heads down the road, not noticing that the door has reversed and gone back up. It’s always best to wait until the door is fully closed before leaving.

Resolving the Problem Promptly

People naturally want this problem resolved quickly by a company such as Collins Overhead Door Inc. Although it’s not as serious an issue as a door that won’t open when the vehicles are inside, it’s still nerve-wracking to have the door standing open when it shouldn’t be. A garage door opening by itself is not a common problem, but contractors who service these doors have likely been asked to fix the problem before. Find us on Facebook!

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