The Importance of Cesspool Maintenance in Hawaii

by | Feb 2, 2016 | Business

A home or business will generate a substantial amount of waste water over the course of a day, and this water must be disposed of properly to prevent creating unsanitary conditions around the building. To this end, cesspools can be an excellent option for those that do not have access to a city or county water system. While a cesspool can be an effective solution to managing this waste problem, they require regular maintenance to keep them in good working condition. Luckily, those needing Cesspool Maintenance in Hawaii, there are local individuals with the equipment, training, and experience to keep their clients’ cesspools in the best condition possible.

When wastewater is deposited in a cesspool, the large amounts of bacteria living in it will quickly to decompose most of the solid material that may be in it. This is necessary so that these substances do not clog the pipes in the drain field. Unfortunately, these bacteria can not destroy all of the solid materials and, for this reason, the cesspool must be pumped every few year. During this work, a contractor will completely drain the cesspool using a special truck equipped with a high-power water vacuum.

Some homeowners may attempt to avoid having their cesspool pumped by adding additional bacteria to the water. While it may seem like this would lead to additional solid matter being decomposed, it can actually have the opposite effect by causing the population of the bacteria to exceed the supply of nutrients, which will cause a die-off to occur. Unfortunately, there is no alternative to a professional cesspool pumping when it comes to avoiding clogs in the drain field, but these professionals can usually minimize any inconvenience by having this work completed in a matter of hours. .

Cesspool Maintenance in Hawaii is a topic that many homeowners will have to address. Yet, it can be difficult to do this for individuals that are not aware of the needs of their cesspools, which can be particularly problematic for first-time homeowners. By appreciating the need to have the cesspool professionally pumped every few years, homeowners may find it easier to avoid some of the more common causes of septic system problems.

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