The Importance of Hiring a Workplace Accident Attorney in Genoa

The Importance of Hiring a Workplace Accident Attorney in Genoa

If you have suffered an accident in your workplace and are physically unable to continue your normal duties due to injuries suffered in this accident, then the first thing you would probably be advised to do is to contact a Genoa workplace accident attorney. Consequent to the workplace accident, you may be eligible to receive an income during the time you are not able to work while you are in the recovery and rehabilitation process.

If you are physically able to work part-time, then your employer may offer you a new contract. If you accept the new contract you may consequently not be eligible to claim, and receive workers’ compensation, for the injuries you have suffered.

Importance of Hiring a Genoa Workplace Accident Attorney

It is extremely important to hire a competent attorney for the following reasons.

  • Your lawyer can give you relevant advice on workplace accidents and your legal rights applicable to your situation.
  • You need a good lawyer to negotiate with your employer to get you a good deal in terms of compensation.
  • To get income to support you while you are disabled.
  • Some unethical employers are not willing to pay compensation to workers injured at the workplace and are more concerned about their profits and net incomes.
  • To secure your financial future after your workplace accident.

Your Attorneys

Contact Fisk & Monteleone Ltd. for an obligation-free consultation either through the contact form on their webpage or by calling them on 815-516-0824, to get in touch with them. Located in Rockford, Illinois, they service the entire area and will be your Genoa workplace accident attorney.

Attorneys Fisk & Monteleone have 55 years of relevant experience between them, they are well qualified to get you the money that is due to you by law. They have an extremely good understanding of employee compensation law in the state of Illinois and will fight for your rights with your unethical employer.

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