The Most Common Mistakes When Buying Air Conditioning Systems In Roswell

by | Oct 31, 2018 | Air Conditioning

Replacing a current air conditioning unit or buying a new system for a custom home under construction is never easy. There are new features and options coming on the market, as well as new levels of energy efficiency to consider.

Unfortunately, some Roswell homeowners may assume that cutting corners on cost is a long-term saving. However, low-cost units, unless there is a special or a sale on a top brand and line, rarely provide any savings and often include additional costs.

Cheaply made air conditioning systems tend to have a much shorter life cycle. This means they will need both repair and replacement earlier than a system made by a proven, reputable AC manufacturer. For the small amount of the initial price difference, buying a cheap brand is simply not a wise decision.

Correct Size

It is important to choose the right size of air conditioner for the home. If there have been renovations or additions to an existing home, the current system may not be the correct size, which will lead to energy inefficiency and greater wear and tear on the air conditioning system.

Buying an oversized system is also not a wise choice. Systems that are too large for the house constantly cycle on and off, which is hard on the motor, blower, fans, and condenser over time.

Attempting a Do-It-Yourself Installation

While there are options to buy an air conditioning system and install it yourself, this is never a wise decision. Incorrect wiring, lack of grounding, failure to ensure all parts and components are correctly installed or any other number of oversights in the process can damage the system, requiring immediate repair.

Additionally, with a do-it-yourself installation, the warranty on the unit is void, meaning the Roswell homeowner will be responsible for the full cost of repairs or replacement.

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