The Value Of Marriage Counseling For Couples In Schaumburg, IL

The Value Of Marriage Counseling For Couples In Schaumburg, IL

It is very normal for couples to have challenges in their relationships. Sometimes these challenges have been going on for a long period, and sometimes they are relatively new issues for the couple to face.

One option to help to address these issues is the use of marriage counseling. In Schaumburg, IL, couples can turn to the Lighthouse Emotional Wellness Center for confidential, personal counseling to help them to reconnect.

It is common for couples to wonder if marriage counseling can help their situation. As with most issues in a relationship, how effective the counseling can be is a direct reflection of how much each person in the relationship is willing to commit to making positive changes. The marriage therapist cannot do the work for the couple, but he or she can provide the emotionally safe space to explore the challenges and to develop more effective coping strategies to grow together rather than to pull apart in times of challenge.

Assistance with Conflict

Many couples seek marriage counseling as a result of the conflict in the relationship. They may simply lack the specific skills to understand how to effectively communicate with each other, or how to articulate their ideas and their concerns.

As this is a skill development process, the counselor can be instrumental in helping the couple to develop these skills through discussion, role play and insight development about themselves and the other person.

Better Communication

As any relationship counselor in Schaumburg, IL, knows, a lot of the issues that are problematic in a relationship boil down to communication problems. People can talk to each other without effectively communicating, and through therapy, the couple can learn better communication and listening skills to help to limit misunderstandings and conflict in the future.

For marriage counseling in Schaumburg, IL, turn to the experts at the Lighthouse Emotional Wellness Center. More information on our programs and services can be found at

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