Three All Natural Methods For Weed Control in Spokane

Three All Natural Methods For Weed Control in Spokane

If gardening is one of your favorite hobbies, chances are you have had more than enough problems with weeds. While chemical weed sprays get rid of the issue, they also contain toxic chemicals that can leak into plants, flowers, and homegrown produce. Instead of using chemical-based weed killers, try these three all natural methods for Weed Control in Spokane.

Use Fabric

Using a landscape fabric can dramatically decrease the growth of weeds. Weeds need light to grow. When there is a fabric placed on top of the soil, less light can hit the soil directly. In turn, weeds will have a difficult time growing. The fabric should be made of either a dark plastic or burlap. Both of these materials will block light, yet will allow air and water into the soil for proper soil maintenance.

Use Vinegar

Because of the acid content in vinegar, pouring vinegar on weeds will almost immediately kill them. Vinegar is also natural, therefore, there is no need to worry about any toxic runoff into the plants, flowers, and produce that is being grown. When working with vinegar to kill weeds, simply pour some vinegar into a large spray bottle and begin spraying all the areas that are infected with weeds. For the best results, make sure to spray the vinegar at the root of the weed. Try to refrain from getting vinegar in the eyes or on the skin. It is always a wise idea to wear gardening gloves while working with vinegar.

Use Mulch

Mulch is really a gardeners best weapon against weeds. Mulch, much like a fabric, will block sunlight from hitting the soil. In turn, weeds will not be able to grow as rapidly as they would if the soil was exposed to frequent sunlight. Mulch also adds nutrients to the soil, making it a healthy place for plants, flowers, and produce to grow. Practically anything that is organic can be used as a mulch. For example, sliced tree bark, dried leaves, cardboard, straw, and hay are among the more common types of inexpensive mulch.

Take these three tips into consideration when trying to perform Weed Control in Spokane. They are cost effective, all natural, and extremely simple.

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