Three Benefits of Recycling in Long Island NY

by | May 15, 2018 | Recycling

Most people have heard of the three’s: reduce, reuse, recycle. These actions are considered to be a helpful system for protecting the environment that everyone can participate in. Recycling is an important part of this system. Through recycling, items that would otherwise be sent to a landfill get sorted and processed, then the raw materials are used to create new products. Aside from protecting the environment, Recycling in Long Island NY has many long-term benefits, including providing jobs, building communities, and leading to financial gains.

Provide Jobs Through Recycling

The process of recycling is more complex than that of putting refuse in a landfill or incinerating waste. It requires specialized facilities and multiple steps to complete the process. Also, more people are required to carry out the steps along the way. Because of this, recycling can create new jobs and boost the economy. In fact, the process of recycling can create up to 36 jobs per 10,000 tons of waste.

Build Communities Through Recycling

People young and old love to get behind a cause and work together to better their community. It is common for families, friends, and neighbors band together in support of social issues and initiatives. In doing so, a community’s spirits are raised, and a sense of pride is instilled in its members. Recycling is one of the causes that bring communities together. Recycling advocacy groups can be found in communities all over the world.

Financial Gains Through Recycling

In addition to participating in recycling programs as part of community initiative, many people recycle because of the financial gains they can receive. Times are tough, and for many, any additional income that can be generated is welcome. A variety of items can be collected for recycling, including paper, aluminum, and other metals, and sold to a recycling facility for a profit.

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