Tips On The Best Emergency Fire Starter in Washington

by | Jan 30, 2017 | Business

When someone is in a situation where they need to start an emergency fire, time is of the essence. One needs knowledge of how they can start a usable fire with what is at hand. Here are some of the best ways that this can be done from survival experts in regards to the Best Emergency Fire Starter in Washington.

  *     Magnesium sticks are a miracle on Earth when it comes to starting a fire. In its bulk form, it is impossible to ignite. However, shavings of magnesium are highly flammable. All that is needed is a blade and some tinder to get the spark going. Simply bring the backside of the blade downward on the magnesium and the fire will be almost instantaneous. If the tinder is damp, use cotton balls and petroleum jelly to catch the flame and then slowly feed it by using very small amounts of tinder.

  *     Ferro rods are similar to magnesium sticks. The metal is completely man-made but does not rely on the use of magnesium to become ignited. To start the fire, perform the same action that would be taken with magnesium sticks. Start with the backside of a knife or any piece of metal and scrape it downward on the ferro. Both ferro sticks and magnesium sticks are impervious to temperature and weather. These can be purchased at such survival outlets as .

  *     For a true McGyver-like experience, steel wool and a battery come in handy for emergency fire use. Make sure that the tinder is in a small pile and ready to go before attempting this. Hold the steel wool over the tinder pile and then touch the wool to both the positive and negative connections on the battery. The current that is provided will set the wool ablaze and start the tinder burning.

If all of these options sound like too much of a hassle or just plain unrealistic, the Best Emergency Fire Starter in Washington can actually be found online via emergency supply companies such as Zombie Tinder. They have pre-made, ready to go solutions available that will work in any given situation. Plus, their friendly customer service agents have the expertise necessary to answer any question that is posed to them.

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