Tips for Coping With Family Members with Dementia

Tips for Coping With Family Members with Dementia

Knowing what to expect makes it a lot easier for you to understand dementia and how to cope. Dementia is a progressive condition and will affect your loved one’s demeanor, mood, and their mental acumen. If a loved one has been diagnosed with dementia Middlesex NJ, you can learn more about dementia care options at facilities like South Amboy.

First and foremost, be patient. Your loved one is struggling to communicate and is likely feeling distressed and confusion. Do not take what they say personally, but instead remember that your loved one’s brain is not working the way it used to.

Your loved one is likely to become irritable and confused, even angry at times. It will be extremely beneficial for you to cultivate stress management skills like mindfulness and meditation. The calmer your response, the easier it will be for you and your loved one to cope.

If your loved one does become agitated or upset, learn how to diffuse the situation. Use breathing exercises to calm yourself down if necessary, and then switch the subject to something more pleasant.

Speak slowly and clearly. Now is a good time to change your communication habits and styles. Whereas you used to be able to shout across the room or make indirect statements, people with dementia prefer to be spoken to softly and clearly with simple and straightforward terms.

When asking questions of your loved one, also remember to keep it simple. Avoid confusing matters or overcomplicating situations.

Allow your loved one to reminisce about the past. Cultivating good memories is a healthy thing to do, even if you might feel like it keeps their head in the past. Those memories feel good to them, so allow them to tell their stories. Allowing yourself to listen to them will also impart a sense of peace and joy. If you want to learn more about dementia care in Middlesex, call South Amboy and find out about memory care options.

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