Tips for Outdoor Lighting Installation in Wichita

by | Oct 19, 2016 | Electrical

Using the right outdoor lighting can make it easier to use the outdoor space of the home for longer periods of the day and night and can also improve a home’s security. The right lighting can make a home more attractive as well. However, not everyone is good at figuring out which outdoor lighting installation wichita options are best for their particular needs.

Type of Lighting

Use accent lighting, such as floodlights or spotlights, to draw attention to a particular part of the yard or home. Task lighting is meant to fulfill a specific goal, like lighting the path from the driveway to the front door. Overall lighting is the type of lighting that helps light up a wide area, such as the whole front yard. Solar lighting is best for energy-efficiency, but isn’t necessarily as bright as LED lighting, which is the next best option when it comes to energy-efficiency. LED lights last a lot longer than other lights as well, which helps make up for the fact that they are one of the most expensive when it comes to initial cost.

Best Placements

There are a number of places where it’s a particularly good idea to place outdoor lighting. For example, outdoor lighting installation wichita companies often recommend using fixtures to illuminate the driveway, paths, entryways, steps, patios, decks, and any interesting architectural or landscaping elements. The first few locations are for safety purposes, while the others are more for increasing the visual impact of the interesting features even at night.

Limiting Light Pollution

Nobody likes it when it’s actually too bright outside at night, as this can make it hard to see because of the sudden brightness as well as being a waste of money and energy. Using the lowest effective wattage, using motion sensors or timers to control when the lights go on so they’re only on when they’re needed, using fixtures that shield the light so it doesn’t go outside the area where it’s wanted, and aiming lights more exactly can all help limit the overall energy needed and the amount of light pollution produced. Contact Tracy Electric Inc to find out more about outdoor lighting.

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