Tips On How To Rent The Right Car In Costa Rica

Tips On How To Rent The Right Car In Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a lovely country. It is one worth exploring and what better way to do so then by renting a car. You can go farther and travel routes that a bus does not have on its schedule. You can visit and leave when you want to and not be at the mercy of the country’s public or private transportation schedule. However, since this is your vacation, it is important to get it right. Below you will find several tips to help you rent a car in Costa Rica. Hopefully, they will reduce the potential of suffering from rental car blues.

Plan Ahead

If you want to rent the right car, you need to plan ahead. This means you need to look carefully at your budget. You need to decide how long you want to rent a car for. You also have to decide what type of car you want. Unless you plan to “wing it,” know where you are going to drive.

All this requires preparation. It means you need to go online and look at all the car rental places. Compile a list and research them individually in terms of the following:

1. Rates: What rates do they offer? Do they allow discounts for longer trips?

2. Location: Are their drop off and pick-ups conveniently located? In other words, do they have places throughout Costa Rica? Do their lots coincide with your agenda? Is there an extra fee charged for such drop offs? If so, how much?

3. Services: What do they include in the rental? Can they replace a car if it is damaged in some fashion e.g. accident, smash and grab?

4. Rental Policies: What is their stated rental policies? Be sure to look specifically at things such as refunds, insurance and early returns.

5. Credit Card Policies: If they demand prepaid, make sure you understand the terms. Be sure your card has sufficient funds to allow for the withdrawal of a quite hefty security deposit. Also understand that the amount removed will be in local money (the Costa Rica colon) translated into American, Canadian or European currency. With the currency of many countries in flux, the exchange rate can go up or down rather quickly.

6. Insurance: You will have to purchase insurance. Make sure you understand the rules behind the need to do so. This way you will know specifically what the car rental company requires and delivers.

7. Reputation: Check out the reputation of the company. Look at online reviews. Be fair. Every rent a car company has received a bad review or two over its existence. Also, look at how long the company has been in operation. Longevity counts.

Rent a Car in Costa Rica

Once you have all the necessary information and are certain, go ahead and reserve online. This is one of the major benefits of technology. By renting in this manner, you can usually save more money than an in-person rental. Now, all that remains is for you to pack your luggage and hop on a plane to Costa Rica. If you have planned everything properly, you can go ahead, and unlike others who have left it to the last minute to rent a car, you can show up, get in and drive away.

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