Tips on Social Media Management from a Child Visitation Lawyer in Allentown, PA

Fighting an ex-spouse for child custody can be a significant battle, and airing one’s grievances through social media can turn a small issue into a very big one. From divorce proceedings to criminal trials, one’s online presence can become a factor, and that’s usually the last thing that should happen. Below are five ways to stay trouble-free online while fighting a custody battle.

Remain Civil

As tempting as it might be, people must avoid ripping the ex-spouse to shreds on Facebook. Aside from making the custody fight more acrimonious than it already may be, it can leave one vulnerable to a defamation suit. Take a deep breath, count to ten, and let the child visitation lawyer in Allentown, PA make the argument.

Keep Things Separate

If there’s not already a social media agreement, spouses should come to an agreement over social media accounts, photos, and media. If exes share friends and followers, it’s easy for things to get back to the other person. To the extent possible, erect an online barrier between the ex-spouses.

Stay Low-Key

It’s hard to know which comments, updates, and check-ins can bring trouble, so one should think twice before posting during a custody dispute. If one feels like letting off some steam, they should sign off before doing so.

Don’t Advertise a Location

Some people have a habit of posting their location, or it is set by default when tweeting, posting a status update, or posting photos. This can become an issue during a tough custody battle, or when an ex has threatened or used violence before. Divorcing parents should reconsider posting their whereabouts online.

Shut It down for a While

It’s impossible to make social media mistakes if one has no social media presence. The only real way to protect oneself during custody disputes is to close these accounts. Such a step may seem drastic, but it can help a custody case. Besides, if someone is really friends with the spouse, they’ll understand why the cord is being cut.

Social media is a factor in many divorces, but it should not jeopardize a parent’s custody of their children. If one needs help with a custody-related issue, they should call a child visitation lawyer in Allentown, PA with Conrad Attorneys for advice.

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