Tips to optimize the Space in Small Kitchens

by | Oct 6, 2014 | Business & Economics

Finding fridge freezers Dunstable smaller homes require can often be a challenge. When you have a small kitchen it can be difficult making things work efficiently. However there are some tips you can use to help make your smaller kitchen not only function well, but also accommodate your appliances more readily.

1. Appliances: Just because your kitchen is small does not mean you have to sacrifice on the appliances you choose. The fridge freezers Dunstable home owners choose for smaller kitchens can provide you with the basics you need to keep food fresh while offering a look to suit the style of your kitchen. Look for options such as table top or below counter designs that will keep things as compact as possible while offering the daily fresh foods you require. You can also look at built in cookers that will provide a flush cooking option many smaller home owners appreciate. Don’t give up on having a microwave as these too can be built in or installed below cabinets so you do not take up much needed counter space.

2. Counter Space: Consider adding a pull out chopping board to provide an additional space for chopping and prepping food. They can be installed above the top drawer and can also be removable for washing up.

3. Deep Drawers: Often deep drawers serve you better than cupboard space. This is the best way to stack and store pots and pans and you can also use them to organize canned goods and condiments as well as your dishes.

4. Go High with Cupboards: Take advantage of higher ceilings and install cupboards right to the ceiling. Store items there that you do not use as often and keep a foldable stool handy when you need to reach things stored there. You can ask your kitchen builders to remove a piece of the kick panel beneath the cupboards so you can slide the stool there when not in use.

5. Use Every Centimetre: Take advantage of every centimetre of your kitchen space. Look for customized ideas such as narrow pull out pantries that can take advantage of spaces just over the size of a large tin and use this to store your pantry staples. They are narrow and deep from floor to ceiling for optimum storage in small spaces.

These simple tips can help you make the most of your space to make room for larger fridge freezers Dunstable home owners require. If space is still not enough the compact counter top or below counter options are perfect.

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