Top Reasons To Buy A New Ford SUV

If you have been driving around Millville or throughout New Jersey and think you see a lot more SUVs on the roads than in the past, you are not mistaken. These practical, sporty and fuel-efficient vehicles are the ideal option for a range of different drivers and different vehicle needs.

To get a better perspective of why a Ford SUV is such a versatile vehicle, it is important to consider some of the top reasons why people are buying these vehicles over sedans or pickup trucks.

Comfortable Seating and Cargo Space

Even in the compact EcoSport, the driver, front seat passenger and the other passengers in the vehicle find they have lots of leg room and room to comfortably sit in the vehicle, even on long trips.

In addition, the cargo area of any of the Ford SUV in Millville models offers more space than the cargo area of a truck. Additionally, unlike a truck, the cargo area is fully enclosed and protected, making it easy to haul anything you need. With the option to fold down the 2nd row seating, there is significant cargo space in all SUV models.

Safety Features

The Ford SUV models offer a range of safety features including multiple airbags, automatic headlamps, lane departure technology, pre-collision sensors, and even automatic liftgate, so there is no need to try to juggle packages when opening the cargo area. Additionally, the design and manufacturing of an SUV adds protection in the event of an accident or a rollover.


While many people living in Millville will use their vehicle mostly for city and highway driving, having an SUV means you have the option to take it on gravel and dirt roads and to handle snowy roads much better than with a standard sedan.

The new SUVs are responsive and fun to drive, offering easy maneuverability and parking with a very practical yet stylish vehicle.

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