Top Tips for Printed Billboard Vinyl Advertising

Top Tips for Printed Billboard Vinyl Advertising

If you want to increase exposure for your business over the long term, printed billboard vinyl signs could be the option you’re looking for. These signs are long-lasting, highly visible, and cost-effective. However, you can’t just put any old design up there. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your billboard advertising.

Identify Your Goal

Are you advertising for recognition or response? For example, you might just want people to know your business name and what you do. That’s recognition. Or maybe you want a response — people visiting your store or website. What do you want to achieve with your printed billboard vinyl advertisement?

Keep It Simple and Memorable

You have a maximum of five seconds to get your message across, so keep it simple. Seven words or fewer, if you can. To increase memorability, try to link your message to local facts about the area, make up a clever phrase like a play on a common expression, or by making your message rhyme. You can also look up facts about the local area and work them into your sign.

Use Eye-catching Designs

Bright colors will grab the attention, which is why many billboards use yellow backgrounds with bold, black text. As for the design, as always, simplicity is the key design principle but novelty is essential to grabbing attention. You should try to do something unexpected, something that violates people’s expectations.

Test Your Ideas

Create mockups of your best ideas for your printed billboard vinyl sign, and show them to people. Give them a five-second look at the design, then ask them what they took away from it. What was the sign about? What were they selling? What else did they notice?

Blue Sky Digital Printing is an outdoor printing company specializing in large-scale signs and billboard advertising. Its owner, Trent Lindmark, has a wealth of experience, having been in the sign business since 1993. The company is based in Norman, OK.

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