Turn an Average Home Into a Dream Home

The way in which home is decorated is a direct reflection of the owner’s style, taste and personality. When a home is purchased, it comes with existing flooring, lighting fixtures, kitchen counter tops and paint color. Upon moving in, changes can be made in the home in order to personalize it. This is where a professional interior decorator can come in and suggest changes that will best showcase the owner’s personality and style.

Companies like EBL Interiors offer a wide-range of services to take an average home and turn it into a dream home. Their professionals will come into the home, listen to the owner’s vision, and then turn that vision into a reality. With their knowledge and expertise, they can work with the owner to suggest ideas for the counter tops, along with flooring to match. They take into account the big picture. For example, the preferred kitchen counter tops may not work with the current sink. The professionals can come up with solutions to ensure that the entire room comes together in a way that is both pleasing and functional.

When most people think of home improvements, they usually look at the different pieces of the puzzle, such as how will this tile work with the wall color? And then how will the entire room work with the existing furniture? Instead of having to buy new tile, paint and furniture, the design professionals may suggest a solution as simple as re-lighting the current space. If a room currently has track lighting, a fix to the problem may be removing the track lighting and replace it with a softer option that pulls the entire room together.

Designers at EBL Interiors will also make suggestions as to what home improvements to focus on first. Typically the kitchen is the main area of focus since it is used more often than any other room, so it may be a good starting place. Another big change that people tend to make is changing up the flooring. If the new home has a lot of carpet, consider ripping it up and replacing it with tile or wood flooring.

The best place to get some ideas and to contact interior designers is . The design professionals there are happy to come into the home to determine the best way to make a home improvement dream into a reality.

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