What Type of Car Window Tinting in Loma Linda CA is Allowed?

What Type of Car Window Tinting in Loma Linda CA is Allowed?

The state of California has a strict set of laws for Car Window Tinting in Loma Linda CA. Each state sets its own rules regarding the light transmission and reflection that auto window tints can have, so it’s vital that people living in California are aware of their state’s laws before having a window tint applied to their vehicle. Tint City stays updated on all the car window tinting laws and is happy to work with customers to make sure they get what they need.

The Darkness of the Window Tint

The light transmission, defined as the amount of light that is able to move through the windows, is evaluated in percentages known as VLT. The rules for light transmission on windshields are strict: No tint can be on a vehicle windshield in the state of California. For the front side windows, the tint must allow 70 percent of light to enter the car. For the back side windows, any level of tint is allowed, thus there is no defined percentage.

The Reflection of the Window Tint

Certain types of window tint reflect light, sometimes to a significant degree. Reflection can be very useful because it can reduce the glare and the heat that enters the vehicle. The state of California requires all window tinting films to have the same amount of reflection (or less reflection) than a standard auto glass window.

The Rules For Side Mirrors

One of the window tinting rules that many people aren’t aware of is the side mirror rule. If any of a California resident’s vehicle windows are tinted, they must have dual side mirrors on their vehicle. For people who drive race vehicles or other types of cars that have just a single side mirror, a second mirror may need to be installed before hitting the road with the new window tint installed.

Are There Any Restricted Tint Colors?

The state of California allows most tints. Shades of dark black, soft black, dark brown, and soft brown are all permissible. The only two restrictions are red window tint and amber window tint films. When looking for Car Window Tinting in Loma Linda CA, check out the site for Tint City Loma Linda CA to learn more.

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