Unique Pet Toys That Can be Found in Corvallis, OR

by | Jan 22, 2016 | Pets

As all loving pet owners know, a fair amount of responsibility comes with raising a pet. Whether it’s a dog, cat, hamster, rabbit, or bird, an owner must provide the necessities of food, shelter, and love. Pets also need ample play time to supply exercise, relieve anxiety, and stimulate mental growth. Retailers across the country can now assist owners in these endeavors. One such business, Albany Pet Hotel, provides pet toys in Corvallis OR, that not only offer entertainment but can also be used as educational training tools.

Domestic pet toys come in all shapes and sizes. Some are created purely for amusement while others work as instructional tools. For dogs, most squeaky toys serve as a form of individualized entertainment. They can chew on these for hours at a time and be completely content. Tug toys exist to promote the bonding skills of obedience, dominance, and retrieval with their master. Educationally, the brand Kong has created rubber chew toys that can hold treats. The goal is for the dog to determine how to get the treat out of the toy. This promotes playful behavior as well as inspiring a dog’s natural foraging instinct. Not only will it work hard to get to the treat, but also it will successfully master the technique for the future.

Cats are, generally, very independent creatures, but they still enjoy play time. A whiffle ball with a bell inside can keep a cat occupied for quite a while. A teaser toy, usually a feather-like object strung from a pole, stimulates a cat’s hunting instinct. They will attempt to skillfully attack the teaser before the owner can move it, much like they would to live prey in the wild. Toys that integrate catnip are also rather interesting to felines. This non-addictive treat is placed within the toy to stimulate a cat’s cognitive puzzle solving skills.

As helpful as these products are, Albany Pet Hotel really wants people to know about everything they have to offer.  Not only will a client learn about their dog daycare and grooming services, but also they can find rain jackets, pill pockets, pet food and the best possible Pet Toys in Corvallis OR. All of this can truly turn the experience into a one-stop shopping trip.

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