The Use of Statistics by Companies Like Elevator Technologies Inc in Washington, DC

The concept of statistics may sound boring on the surface, especially to people who were forced to take a course in the subject in college as part of a social science or hard science major. Yet statistics can provide fascinating insights into various aspects of life, including machinery that people use regularly. A company like Elevator Technologies Inc in Washington DC uses relevant mathematical data to help them understand new developments, customer needs and consumer attitudes toward this equipment.

Deciding on Number and Location

For example, complicated mathematical equations are necessary to determine how many elevators a new building will need and where they should be located. Engineers consider the probable foot traffic patterns in these structures from people such as apartment residents, office employees, and customers. They review statistics from similar buildings to help make these determinations. Then, the general contractor in charge can place an order with a company like Elevator Technologies Inc in Washington DC. More information can be seen at website.

Where Cars Should Rest

It’s mathematical calculations that explain why an elevator system is usually designed to send all cars back to the first floor after use instead of having them sent to a mid-point. In a 10-story building, having elevator cars waiting on the fifth floor might seem more logical because then nobody at the top would have to wait for the car to climb all 10 stories. However, statistics verify that most elevator traffic takes place on the floor where people enter and exit the building, and where most common areas are located. Having cars waiting there makes more sense.

What Users Want

Surveys of elevator users allow the manufacturers to learn the sorts of improvements most people would like to see and what aspects of elevators make them nervous. For instance, regular users like to reach their destination quickly, but they would never choose greater speed over the smoothness of the ride.

Obviously, more than anything, they want elevators to be safe. They are reassured when they read statistics about how very rare accidents are. Usually, these incidents involve the car not being level with the building floor, which is a tripping hazard. Routine maintenance and calls for immediate repair can prevent those incidents from occurring.

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