Using A Company Doing Tree Removal in Fairfield Connecticut To Move A Fruit Tree

by | Jun 7, 2016 | Landscaping

If someone wishes to move a fruit tree to a new property, they will need to hire a company that does Tree Removal in Fairfield Connecticut to help with the task. Tree removal services are adept at taking trees from their current habitat and moving them to another carefully. They will know exactly when the best time of year would be to move a tree, so it is at the least risk of shock as well.

First, a tree service will help the property owner decide where to replant their tree. The soil will be evaluated to make sure it is simmer to the soil in the tree’s current location. Finding an area away from another foliage is best, so there is no worry about the trees fighting for moisture. It is also a good idea to place the tree in a spot away from electrical lines and underground tanks or wires.

The tree service will prepare the new spot for the tree by digging a large hole and filling it with water. They will then go to the other property to remove the tree from the ground. The roots will be carefully wrapped in wet burlap material, so they do not dry out while in transit to the new property. The tree will be placed on a flat bed truck or strapped to the top of a vehicle and brought directly to the new location.

At this time, the service will place the root portion of the tree into the hole. They will replace all soil that was removed from the area and may add a layer of mulch around the tree’s stump to help the ground retain moisture. The tree will need to be watered regularly as it adapts to its new home.

If someone wishes to move a fruit tree of their own, they will need to find a company that does Tree Removal in Fairfield Connecticut to help with the transplanting procedure. Call a company like Northeast Horticultural Services to find out rates and make an appointment for the move. If desired, browse the website first to get a feel for this professional company.

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