Using An Ice Luge in Suffolk County NY At A Party

Using An Ice Luge in Suffolk County NY At A Party

When someone decides to host an extravagant party for a birthday or retirement occasion, they will most likely want to impress guests with some interesting features they will remember. Using an ice luge in Suffolk County, NY is one way to accomplish this task. There are a few steps that should be taken to ensure an ice luge looks its best and lasts for the entire event.

Use The Right Supplier For The Job

It is important to purchase an ice luge from a reputable ice supplier. They will be able to construct the piece so that it is sturdy enough to last for several hours. Special instructions in how the luge is made may be followed if the buyer wants the ice to be personalized in any way. The supplier will use tools to carve portions of the ice block away, leaving a memorable sculpture that doubles as a drink fountain.

Take Steps To Keep Ice From Melting

When picking up an ice luge, it is best to have a tarp situated in the back of a vehicle to keep moisture from causing damage. The luge should be picked up right before the event is to begin to ensure it retains its original shape while in transit. It is also a good idea to have the air conditioning turned on inside of the vehicle, so the luge does not melt. When the luge is placed in the location of the event, it should be put in an area where direct sunlight is not present. Using a pop-up tent over the luge in an outdoor setting will help keep it from melting too quickly.

Finding the right supplier to construct an ice luge is important. Contact a company like Long Island Ice & Fuel to find out more about the products they have available for purchase. A call can be made to discuss pricing and personalization options if desired. A trip to the facility can also be beneficial in determining what size luge would be best for the event. An ice luge in Suffolk County, NY can then be reserved to make the party a success.

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