Using Lawn Care in Milwaukee WI To Remove Dandelions

Using Lawn Care in Milwaukee WI To Remove Dandelions

When someone has an abundance of dandelions in their yard, they will most likely want to have them removed so their lawn will grow easier. Doing Lawn Care in Milwaukee WI is important for keeping weeds from spreading. Here are some ways dandelions can be removed, allowing the property to sport a lush, green lawn as a result.

Dandelions need to be removed in their entirety so they do not spread. This will require making sure the entire root is removed along with the stem. Using a dandelion removing tool is the best way to ensure this happens. If a tool is not readily available, the dandelions can be picked by hand. Grasp the stem firmly and pull out of the ground slowly so the roots do not snap during the process of removing the bloom.

When mowing the lawn, the mower blade should be kept an inch or two from the ground. This will allow the existing grass to shade the ground, making it harder for dandelions to grow as they need a lot of sunlight. This means the lawn will need to be mowed more often, but it will keep it from becoming overrun with dandelions.

Portions of the lawn where a lot of dandelions are present can be covered with black plastic bags to draw in heat. This will smother the weeds within a day or two. The grass will bounce back if it is watered after the bags are removed. Another way to kill dandelions is by pouring boiling water over them. The withered portions can then be picked from the ground.

Altering the soil so it is more acidic will help the grass to grow. Dandelions tend to grow in soil with more of an alkaline content. The soil can be tested and changed using chemicals found in the landscaping department at a local home goods store.

If someone wants more information about Lawn Care in Milwaukee WI, they can contact a landscaping company in the area. Click here to find out more about a great company that offers a variety of services from lawn care to bulk material delivery.

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