Using Lawn Sprinkler Services in Lawrence KS To Keep A Golf Coarse Looking Nice

When someone owns a golf course, they will need to take steps to keep the playing ground in usable condition for their guests. There are several ways to keep the fairways and greens looking nice. Here are a few of the main lawn maintenance steps to take.

A landscaping service would be able to keep the course trimmed, so golf balls do not get snarled in longer blades of grass. It is a good idea to have the course maintained with a mowing every few days. The service would use a ride-on mower to cut the grass to the right height for a comfortable golf game. The landscaping service would also be in charge of removing weeds and maintaining any floral arrangements present within the golf course grounds.

Hiring Lawn Sprinkler Services in Lawrence KS ensures the grass is kept hydrated, so there are no areas on the course where the blades are dried out, withered, or brown. This makes the area to appear unkempt. There are several types of systems available to choose from.

The sprinklers can be put on a set timer to go off at routine intervals determined by the weather conditions and the appearance of the grass. Another idea is to use an underground sprinkler system. This works with a computerized program so the golf course owner can check which areas of the course are in need of moisture. They can then turn on the appropriate sprinklers to hydrate this section of the course.

Pests may become a problem on golf course grounds. An appropriate pest control solution can be applied in areas where insects are a threat to the grass. It is important to make sure the sprinklers used on the grounds do not spread this solution into areas where it can become a hazard to people or plants in the area. A water run-off system can be created to help keep water from being directed in areas where it would post a threat to others.

If someone wishes to use Lawn Sprinkler Services in Lawrence KS, a call to a reputable business will get them on the right track in keeping their golf course in the best of shape. Call Greentouch Lawn Service to find out more about the procedure and to make an appointment for a new sprinkler hookup if desired.

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