Using One Of The Towing Companies in Stanwood WA

When someone hits a deer or another wild animal with their vehicle, they will want to take the appropriate steps to make sure their vehicle is tended to quickly. Sometimes a vehicle will have difficulty driving as it did before the incident. If so, it is best to pull it to the shoulder and call one of the Towing Companies in Stanwood WA to get help. They will be able to bring the vehicle to a repair shop to be assessed.

It is a good idea to alert the police there was an incident where a vehicle hit an animal. They will come to the scene to offer protection from strangers and to make others on the roadway aware of the malfunctioning vehicle, so it is not hit. If the incident happens at night, they will put out flares to alert motorists to slow down.

If the vehicle suffered from extensive damage, the vehicle’s owner should call their insurance company. They may send an insurance adjuster to the scene to prove the damage was sustained from an animal and not another vehicle. In many cases, however, they will wait until the vehicle is safe at the owner’s home or repair shop. They will take photographs of the vehicle and determine an estimate in how much it will cost to repair it.

When waiting for a towing service, it is est to remain in the vehicle. If it is daytime, put on the emergency lights to alert others on the road the vehicle is out of commission. If it is nighttime, put on the interior light and open the hood or truck, so motorists slow down when getting near. If someone stops to see if the driver needs help, they can tell them a tow truck is already on the way.

When looking for Towing Companies in Stanwood WA, one does not need to go too far. Simply take a look at a service like Dicks Towing Inc to handle all towing needs. They are available to help with flat tires, gas runs, and removing immobile vehicles from the road.

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