Video Surveillance

by | Jun 30, 2016 | Business

Keeping an eye on your property is a concern of most everyone. Video surveillance is a key component for any home or business owners’ security portfolio. Whether you’re looking to secure your residence, warehouse, retail shop, office space, storage facility or any other key area of your home or business, a video surveillance system from ProSec Integration can ensure safety, monitor activity and prevent loss from vandalism and theft.


Another common term for Video Surveillance, is CCTV, (i.e. closed circuit television).  Whichever term you use, (video surveillance or CCTV), these systems provide a huge service to businesses and home owners alike.  ProSec makes the process of system design, installation and everyday use fast and EASY!

Among countless other benefits that video surveillance systems provide, businesses are able to monitor shelf inventory, tools and equipment, vehicles and customer traffic.  Employers can keep an eye on employee theft and worker productivity.  Experts believe that employee theft accounts for nearly half of the theft that impacts businesses in the US.  Video systems are a key step in controlling, or ultimately preventing both employee and non-employee theft from occurring in the workplace.

Home owners benefit from the ability to look in on their property at any time via smart device or PC.  Video systems provide the ability to check in on teens, elderly parents or grandparents, pets, baby sitters and service providers.  Monitor your property while at work or on vacation.  These are only a few of the key features that are offered from a quality home video system.  Most newer home video systems are wireless, which reduces the time and cost for installation.

Video Recording & Monitoring Solutions

Flexible video recording solutions are available for both home and business.  Newer systems have the choice of either on-site recording systems, (via DVR or NVR), and / or cloud based recording.  Motion activated camera systems only record video when movement is detected, thus minimizing storage needs and hours of useless video storage.

ProSec also provides advanced central-station video monitoring solutions for businesses who require long-term cloud storage or advanced video monitoring features such as supervised activity alerts or video integration with commercial security, fire and access control systems.

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