What Can You Expect at Village West Vet?

by | Apr 26, 2018 | Veterinarians

Village West Veterinary is an animal hospital in Chicago that offers a variety of services for cats and dogs ranging from kittens and puppies to seniors. Such services include the following:

  • Adult pet wellness/preventative health exams
  • Teeth cleanings and oral surgery
  • Pet behavior counseling
  • Laser therapy for pain and inflammation
  • Housecalls for sick and healthy pets
  • In-hospital euthanasia

What happens during the first visit?

Regardless of a new pet’s age, Village West Veterinary recommends bringing them in for their first check-up during their first week at home. During that first visit, the veterinarian will do the following:

  • Take the new pet’s medical history
  • Perform a thorough physical exam
  • Perform a fecal exam
  • Provide advice on proper care

Depending on the new pet’s age and history, it may need vaccinations. Similarly, some animals have worms and will need treatment. The vet will also recommend tick and flea prevention. If the pet has not been spayed or neutered, the vet will recommend the best time for the appropriate procedure.

Village West Veterinary will also microchip a new pet. Even an indoor pet can sometimes escape and get lost, and a microchip greatly increases the chances of a vet or animal shelter being able to track down their owner.

What is “pet behavior counseling?”

Pet behavior counseling is a discipline dedicated to analyzing a pet’s behavioral problems and correcting them. While all veterinarians deal with animal behavior to some degree, veterinary behaviorists specialize in diagnosing and treating behavioral problems. Such vets have received training from the Animal College of Veterinary Behaviorists. Not only can they handle more difficult cases than your average trainer or animal behaviorist, they can also prescribe medication when needed.

For more information on an animal hospital in Chicago or to schedule an appointment, contact Village West Veterinary at (773) 697-7052 or visit the website, https://www.villagewestvet.com.

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