What Do Employment Law Lawyers Do?

by | Dec 15, 2015 | Attorney

Employment law lawyers are legal professionals that are specialists in labor law; these lawyers represent and provide advice to employees as well as employers on any and all issues related t employment. As issues concerning labor are very diverse, employment law lawyers in El Monte must understand and be fully aware of all aspects of labor law.

Employment law lawyer’s work with employers, helping them to understand and maintain all legally mandated legal standards that apply to their business, in this way all the company’s employees are subject to the same treatment which needs to be fair as well as consistent. Employment lawyers work closely with their corporate clients, helping them reduce the possibility of unnecessary and unwanted litigation, the lawyers also works to protect the rights of individuals who feel they have been mistreated.

There are numerous issues that have to be taken into account when practicing labor law. Employment law lawyers must be aware of all the laws both state and federal that can affect the situation they are currently dealing with. One of the primary disputes that are often brought to a lawyer is an issue that has to with wages, often an individual believes that they were not compensated in full for work performed. In other cases the purported violation has to do with unsafe working conditions, in other cases it may have something to do with contractual matters and employment law lawyers in El Monte will be brought in to review the contract to see if it is fair to both the employee and the employer. Perhaps the two most common issues that are dealt with by an employment law lawyer are contract disputes and unlawful termination.

Many large companies often keep employment law lawyers on retainer, in this way they can provide guidance and advice on matters pertaining to human resources. When preparing a contract of employment, an employee of the company’s human resource department may often need help and guidance. Large companies normally have an employee handbook; this is a document that is prepared by human resources. With the minute changes that tend to take place with labor law, including safety at work, employment law lawyers in El Monte are often the only professionals that are suitable to approve the publication prior to distribution to employees.

Labor law is extremely diverse; employment law lawyers must understand all aspects of the law so they can provide their clients with timely advice. Representation of the company before the EEOC, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the national labor Relations Board are normally part of their mandate.

Employment law lawyers in El Monte are tasked with providing employers and employees with guidance on labor issues. As an employee, if you feel that you have suffered discrimination you are invited to contact the Law Offices of Norman J. Homen for a free evaluation of your case.

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