What Does A Truck Accident Attorney Do?

by | Aug 19, 2014 | Personal Injury

A truck accident attorney in PA is one who dedicates a significant amount of his or her time to the issues at stake when trucks are involved in a vehicular accident. Some truck accident attorneys defend the trucker involved in the accident or the trucking company that owns the vehicle. Other truck accident attorneys represent the driver and passengers who have sustained injury and damage in a truck accident.

The practice of law that is focused on truck accidents involves considerable knowledge in several facets of law. A seasoned truck accident attorney should be intimate with personal injury law, insurance law; company liability as well as traffic laws.

Unlike an accident involving two or more passenger cars, accidents involving trucks are factually complicated. An accident involving cars normally only individual owner drivers of the vehicles and the insurance carriers they work with. In the case of an accident involving a truck there is usually at least one corporate entity involved, this is not the case with cars. Most large trucks are used and driven for commercial purposes, drivers of such vehicles are not the owners in most cases; they are acting as the corporate agent. The truck accident attorney in PA has to try to determine if the accident was the fault of the trucker as a person, the fault of the trucker as a corporate agent, the fault of the corporation that the trucker works for, the fault of a third party driver or the fault of the jurisdiction in which the accident happened such as poorly maintained roads. It may prove to be a combination of reasons.

A truck accident attorney is more than anything else, a fact finder. Although the ultimate goal of the attorney is to represent the client, representation in this type of accident which involves trucks, especially when the trucks are engaged in a commercial undertaking, involves a great number of facts. It is important that not only are the facts of the accident fully understood, but the facts that lead up to the accident as well. In a commercial trucking situation there are issues involved that are not part of a car accident investigation; a trucker for example is only allowed to be driving for a certain number of hours without a break. What about drugs or alcohol? What about the condition of the road at the time of the accident?

It is far more complicated to litigate an accident involving trucks than most car accidents and most truck accident attorneys in PA have honed their appreciation of the facts over time.

If you have been involved in an accident where the other vehicle is a commercial truck then you will need to hire a truck accident attorney in PA. You are invited to contact AlpernSchubert P.C.

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