What Happens During A Facade Inspection In Philadelphia, PA?

What Happens During A Facade Inspection In Philadelphia, PA?

In Pennsylvania, property owners schedule inspections before they start any improvement projects. These inspections identify any conditions that could have a negative impact on the projects. The inspections also provide the owner with a complete estimate for repairs before they start a new project. A facade inspection in Philadelphia, PA can save property owners time and money overall.

Assessing the Structural Damage

The inspection begins with an assessment of structural damage. If it is an older or historic building, the inspector determines how old the building materials are and how this factor could affect the renovation. For example, if the building materials are damaged, they need to determine if the age of the property presents any health risks associated with asbestos or lead-based paint.

Identifying Pest Infestations

Pest infestations can also present a higher probability of damage. The inspector reviews the building materials for signs of a pest infestation since termites are more likely to infest older buildings and create serious damage. They create damage underneath the facade as well, which could lead to a lack of support. If termites are visible around the facade, it is more likely that underlying damage has occurred.

Evaluating the Structural Integrity of the Facade

The structural integrity of the facade affects all renovation projects. If the facade is unstable, the contractors must follow measures to correct framing and support first. Once the integrity of the facade is corrected, the contractor can move onto other aspects of changing the design.

Generating a Report and Cost Estimate

The inspector generates a report of all damage that was discovered. If the inspector is also a contractor, they can create a cost estimate for the owner. This estimate reflects the exact cost of all repairs that are needed before the owner can start any additional renovation projects.

In Pennsylvania, property owners schedule inspections to determine if any underlying issues could affect their renovation projects. The inspector identifies any issues that could compromise the stability of the facade or cause additional structural damage. Property owners who need to schedule a facade inspection in Philadelphia, PA are encouraged to visit http://www.mararestoration.com/ for further details today.

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