What Homeowners Need To Know About Building a Brick House

by | Jan 4, 2017 | Home Builders

Brick homes are rather popular for their durability and stylish aesthetics. Many homeowners who seek to have a brick home are usually unaware and unprepared for what is needed to build a brick home. For those potential homeowners, it is best to learn about what goes into building a brick house before making the final decision.

It Takes Longer

Any house builder experienced with brick will usually point out that building a brick house takes longer to build than traditional houses. This is because there are additional steps and elements of building a brick house—such as added support in the foundation—that are necessary for the house’s safety and stability. Depending on the size and features of the home, there may be an additional three-6 months of construction before the home is completely finished.

It Require Specific Skills

When building a brick house, making sure that the house builder in Brick, NJ area doing it is familiar and skilled with brick. There are plenty of house builders who advertise familiarity with brick, but it doesn’t guarantee that they actually have any familiarity with building brick houses. The skills of a brick house builder can also affect the many elements of a home’s construction, both in positive and negative ways. Double-checking a brick house builder’s qualifications and claims before hiring them can help homeowners ensure that their new brick home is properly and safely constructed.

There Are Several Kinds of Brick

Not all brick homes are the same and there are multiple types and styles of brick to choose from for a house. One option is solid masonry or double brick, where two layers of brick are used to construct a wall. Doing so creates a strong and durable structure. There’s also brick veneer, which is more common with brick houses and is similar to siding. With brick veneer the exterior is made up of a brick wall, with the interior of the structure made of a traditional wood frame. Building codes can affect what homeowners and house builders for brick homes in NJ, so it’s best to thoroughly weigh each option before deciding.

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