What is a chiropractic adjustment?

by | Oct 5, 2015 | Chiropractic

When a chiropractor manipulates the spine, this is referred to as a chiropractic adjustment. Using a number of techniques, the chiropractor manipulates the bones, muscles and ligaments, the purpose being to improve the patient’s mobility or to straighten the spine. Although the most common problems are associated with the lower back, people visit a chiropractor in Vestal NY for a host of different reasons.

The spine protects and supports the spinal cord; it is composed of a number of vertebrae that are stacked together. The individual vertebrae are separated from one another by cartilage. In the event a vertebra becomes misaligned, which in the vocabulary of the chiropractors is a “vertebral subluxation,” the chiropractor moves it back to its proper position.

To move the vertebrae back to its proper position the chiropractor makes adjustments by applying pressure where needed. Chiropractic treatment does not force the spine into a new and different position, the pressure that is applied tends to release the joint from its twisted position, allowing the bones and ligaments to regain their freedom and move as they should. The joint, once released by manipulation will return to its proper position.

A chiropractor in Vestal NY has a number of different methods that he can employ when making an adjustment. The most common is the application of quick and precise force on a vertebra. Depending on the condition the chiropractor will have the patient lie either on one side or another or the stomach, using crossed hands the chiropractor applies pressure on the spine. The chiropractor may also use his fingers, manipulating and separating the vertebrae using the same technique of quick, precise and gentle pressure.

Chiropractors also use tools as well as their hands. The chiropractic bench is a tool in itself, these benches have movable portions which move or drop out of the way when pressure is applied; the drop reduces the force of this pressure.

During a chiropractic manipulation the patient hears sounds of popping and cracking, these sounds are not the components of the spine, the sounds are from bubbles of air that are trapped in the spinal fluid that surrounds the affected vertebrae. The popping and cracking sound is from the bubbles when they pop while the chiropractor in Vestal NY makes the adjustment. Once the adjustment has been made the joint slowly regains its elasticity most of the bubbles disappear.

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