What Is a Folding Umbrella?

by | Jul 17, 2018 | Umbrella Exporter

At Raintec Umbrella, we specialize in the manufacturing and mass-production of quality, colorful, and functional umbrellas. Whether you are looking for a specialized umbrella for an event, or you just want something to bring with you to the beach, there are plenty of selections available.

One of our most popular items features the folding umbrella – but what exactly is that? What are the specifics of a folding umbrella, and how does it differ from the other types of umbrellas available on our site? To learn more about our folding umbrellas and to visit website services, take a look at the information below.

Specifics of a Folding Umbrella

Our folding umbrellas can automatically open and close at your convenience. This means they are easy to open with one hand when you’re stuck carrying a lot of goods. Plus, with the push of a switch, you can be protected against the rain as quickly as possible. No more getting your hair wet!

Made for Ultimate Weather Protection

Our folding umbrellas made by Raintec Umbrella are reinforced with protective layers for extreme weather protection. This means that the wind won’t force the umbrella to turn inside-out. The edges are stable and secure, and the fabric of the umbrella is thick enough to stay put while being lightweight enough to be easy to carry around.

Folding Umbrellas Are Perfect for Promotions

Looking for a unique promotional item to give out at your next corporate event? A folding umbrella is one of the best items you can give your customers and potential clients. You can order any umbrella in the size and color you desire, with your custom logo or wording printed directly on one or more of the panels. Our folding umbrellas come in all sizes from a small 5″ to a large 9.5″ in length. Choose from designs, solid colors, or other custom features as a part of your complementary quote.

Send Us an Order Request Today

If you want your name printed on a large number of umbrellas for your next event, you’ve come to the right place. We can send you a free quote so you can prepare for your order.

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