What Makes a Tshirt Design in Kansas City Good or a Terrible Mess?

What Makes a Tshirt Design in Kansas City Good or a Terrible Mess?

T-shirt companies are as common as Escape Rooms. They are just about everywhere, and most of them are harmless at best and lame at worst. Some designs are terrible. Some are great. What is the difference and how can an aspiring t-shirt company harness what people want?

Consistent Design

House of Apparel has seen some dreadful designs pass their screen printing. Good designs have cohesion with a larger brand. Ed Hardy may have many detractors, but what the company understands is cohesion. Someone can see an Ed Hardy design and label it immediately due to the consistent tone of the brand. Bright colors, disorganization, and certain symbols enter every design. This cohesion allows the brand to excel.

The above is mandatory for making a brand succeed because it announces their aesthetic and what they are about. The consistency creates the brand. It also creates the audience. It allows any one Tshirt Design in Kansas City to fit into a larger ethos and into the right target market.

The Individual Design Fits Something Bigger

It does not matter whether the shirt has one hundred colors or one (it does effect per shirt cost, though). Consistency across the brand matters more because buyers will want multiple shirts. They want to be identified, and the t-shirt company will want the line to be identifiable. Many companies get caught in the specific design while missing the larger consistency.

It is not all about making what people want, though it is easy to distil it all down to that. People need to be exposed to the brand and the Tshirt Design in Kansas City. Marketing is an imperative component of a t-shirt brands success. House of Apparel does not solely provide shirts. The team can help foster a creative partnership with a brand that pushes them to success.

The reality is that the majority of designs are just “okay.” In this competitive world, “okay” will not make the cut. “Okay” will receive a few sales and fade away into oblivion, resulting in a breakeven at best and boxes of shirts sitting in the garage. Contact House of Apparel for ideas on excellent designs and a potential collaborative hand.

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