What Makes National Trucking Companies Successful

by | Dec 9, 2015 | Transportation & Logistic

Running a trucking company these days is becoming more complex, more expensive and more regulated. Many smaller fleets are being purchased by or merged with national trucking companies and so are finding it more difficult to survive in the industry. There are some factors, however, which these larger companies have in common that keeps them in business and successful over the years.

Finding a Niche
Some national trucking companies find that it is best to focus on one or more specific services as opposed to diversifying into other services. This enables them to emphasize quality and delivering cost-effective product at a very high level.

Some concentrate on the distance covered, such as regional or long-haul shipping, while others focus on the type of cargo that they carry, such as steel beams and pipes on flatbed trucks.

Employee Talent
Successful national trucking companies recognize the importance of employing the right people and building a team to create success. This includes not only the drivers but the mechanics, dispatchers, service managers, those in the safety department and the ones who keep the company’s buildings clean.

Retaining good talent is also important. Maintaining a family atmosphere, even in the largest of companies, so that drivers feel they are known by name at the highest levels of the company and are treated as part of the team can help to reduce the turnover rate.

Safety and Compliance
Running a safe fleet today is more important than ever. Staying on top of regulations set forth by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration such as maintenance programs and driver testing is critical. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration keeps scores on trucking companies, and these are increasingly examined by shippers. Safety records can affect costs for insurance and minimize the threat of lawsuits in the wake of a crash.

Investing in Technology
With the rise of cloud-based services, the costs for mobile technology and business software have come down so much in recent years. Very sophisticated technology can be deployed easily and affordably and help companies with a range of capabilities from keeping track of costs to getting more business from customers.

Technology can refer to not only software but that of the trucks themselves. Safety technology on trucks can include anti-rollover technology on trailers, disc brakes, stability and traction control and driver cameras.

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