What Qualities Should Be Included in New Grain Bins in Southern Idaho?

There is no doubt that the storage of grain must be handled with care. Some grains are best stored in silos while others require Grain Bins in Southern Idaho. When the plan is to construct one or more silos, it pays to ensure those structures include certain elements. Here are some points to keep in mind.

What Will Be Stored in the Structure?

The first thing to decide is what type of structure is right for the type of grain that will be stored. While some people use the terms silo and bin interchangeably, there is a difference. Silos are ideal for things like grass seeds or grains that are intended to be used to feed livestock.

When the plan is to store something like dry corn, different types of dried beans, and other products intended for human consumption, Grain bins in Southern Idaho are the way to go. With this decision made, it will be easier to focus on the essential features.

Proper Ventilation

Grain bins are different from silos in terms of ventilation systems. The systems help to ensure that whatever is stored inside is exposed to the right amount of air. The circulation helps to keep the dried grains from turning rancid, something that is important if the grain will eventually be ground into meal or otherwise packaged for sale.

The Right Safety Features

There have to be points of entry that allow for the bin to be filled as well as exits that make it easy to extract the grain when necessary. Ideally, those entry and exit points will include safety features like rails. Those rails make it easier for an individual to navigate to key points in the structure, inspect the product, and also do whatever is necessary to prepare the bin for fresh product or to expel grain that’s needed to fill an order. Those same safety precautions will make it easier to empty a bin so it can be cleaned.

When the plan is to construct new grain bins, talk with a representative from the Leon James Construction Company. It won’t take long to determine where the bins need to be set up, what features are needed, and how long it will take to have them ready for use.

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