What To Consider With Kitting Services

What To Consider With Kitting Services

Many consumer products are sold unassembled, which makes them more compact to box and easier to ship and store. However, this also creates a problem for the OEM, as all components and fasteners needed for the assembly of the product have to be included in the packaging. They also have to be kept together in some type of packaging, typically in a zip lock or heat sealed bag.

Setting up a kitting system in a manufacturing facility can be costly, time-consuming and also a significant drain on both maintenance as well as staff to manage and oversee the kitting process. For these reasons, most OEMs outsource this task to specialized kitting services.

Important Factors

Not all kitting services offer the same options in packaging, labeling and order volume requirements. Understanding your current order volume needs and anticipated changes in order volume is always important. Ensuring the outsourced company can ramp up production to meet your order demands is a critical but often overlooked factor.

The packaging and labeling options offered by the service should also be compared to what other companies are offering. This is not just in cost but in the quality of the materials and the options they offer.

For example, some of the kitting services offer full custom labeling, including your company name, information, and logo, as well as barcode languages to match the requirements for your customers.

It is also possible you may need more than basic kitting. For example, small fasteners and other hardware may need to be contained in their own bag, creating a kit in a kit type of configuration.

Finally, you may need to include instruction sheets or other information for the end-user. The service should be able to include all of these elements in the kits they assemble, and they should be customized to the exacting specifications for your business and brand.

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