What to Expect During the Installation of Commercial Swimming Pools in Sacramento CA

A swimming pool is the perfect place to enjoy a hot summer day and get some much needed exposure to the sun and fresh air. Most apartment communities and other residential neighborhoods provide a pool for all of their residents to share. While it is an expense, it can greatly increase the value of a development and allow owners to charge more for the properties that are either for sale or rent. Before a developer makes the decision to install a pool, it is a good idea for them to be familiar with the process. Here is what is involved with the process of installing Commercial Swimming Pools Sacramento CA.

Design Planning

The first step is to meet with the design department of the pool company to determine what style of pool will best suit the area where it will be installed. They will assist with choosing a pool that will add visual beauty, and ensure the selected design is large enough for the anticipated number of people who would be utilizing it. They will also help select other design elements, such as pergolas, concrete patios and landscaping.


Once the design has been selected, the next step is to prepare the land. The installation team will remove the dirt for the pool, and make sure the areas around the pool are ready for the other elements that will be incorporated into the design. Most companies that install Commercial Swimming Pools Sacramento CA hire a third party to conduct this work, as it requires the use of several types of heavy machinery.


Once the land is prepared it is time to install the pool. They will place the floor and walls of the pool in the ground, and run any lines to the filter system that will keep the water clean. Once the pool is in, they will then fill in around it with dirt and then fill the pool with water to check for any leaks. The last step is to turn on the filter system and treat the water with chemicals.

It is a good investment to install a pool in a residential area. While it is an expense, most investors find they recoup the money quickly. The pool experts at Geremia Pools can make installation simple.

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