What to Expect From Couples Therapy in Florence, AL

by | Oct 19, 2015 | Business & Economics

There are many reasons people make the decision to go through Couples Therapy in Florence AL. Unfortunately, many couples end up waiting years to get help, only reaching out for counseling when the problems in the relationship begin to escalate. If couples are proactive and seek counseling as soon as problems arise, it is typically much easier to resolve them. Through this information, people can better understand what they can expect from their first counseling session so they will be less nervous and more prepared.

The first session for Couples Therapy in Florence AL is more about giving information than working to settle any issues. The counselor will ask for information on problems in the marriage and about the history of the relationship. Many people feel uncomfortable when they first seek counseling. It can feel strange to give information on the personal details of a relationship. As people grow accustomed to working with their counselor, they should begin to feel more comfortable which will allow them to be more forthright in giving information.

The counselor is not necessarily there to save marriages though this is a hoped-for outcome. The counselor is there to be a mediator to help couples discover the issues that are causing their relationship to fail. Counselors work with all ranges of marital disputes. They may help couples who are dealing with minor disagreements or help counsel couples who are dealing with domestic violence.

It is important that both parties in the marriage are willing to go to counseling if they are to enjoy the best results. Even if one spouse does not want to participate, or even refuses, the other spouse can still benefit from individual counseling to address their own issues in the marriage.

A couples therapist can work with the parties individually and as a couple with the goal of helping each party better understand themselves and their spouse so they can work together on making the relationship stronger.

Couples who are going through problems can find the help they need through couples therapy. If you are interested in getting help through therapy, contact us right away. We are here to help make relationships stronger.

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