What to Know About Trailer Jacks in North Dakota

What to Know About Trailer Jacks in North Dakota

Using a trailer to tow cargo such as household items, motorcycles, or even boats requires adhering to state and federal regulations. It also entails using helpful devices like Trailer Jacks in North Dakota. A trailer jack can significantly enhance safe towing. The following information will give more insight into using an automatic or manual trailer jack.

A trailer jack has numerous functions. The functions a trailer owner will use depends on the qualities of the trailer jack being used. This device helps keep a trailer level when the trailer is not being used. Using it for this purpose can help prevent a trailer jack from rolling down a hill. It adds stability to jobs when cargo is being loaded or unloaded from a trailer. A trailer jack also makes it easier and more efficient to secure a trailer to a tow vehicle. This is done when the jack raises and lowers the trailer so the trailer’s coupler can go over the ball on the hitch of the tow vehicle.

When buying a trailer jack, it’s essential to consider it’s height in fully extended and retracted positions. The trailer jack should not drag on the ground during transportation of cargo. It should also extend far enough to go over the ball on a hitch without any problems. A trailer owner can usually find both measurements on the bottom of a jack. Care should be taken to ensure that the measurements will work for a person’s trailer.

There are three main styles for side mount jacks. Pull-pin Trailer Jacks in North Dakota can be clamped or welded onto the trailer frame. Pipe mount trailer jacks uses a pipe to attach to the trailer. This pipe or tube is welded onto the trailer jack. A drop-leg trailer jack are secured to the side of the trailer’s tongue by welding or bolting. When using these types of mounting, it’s essential to ensure that the mount is secure and won’t come loose during the transportation of cargo on the road. For more information on trailer jacks and other trailer equipment, please talk to a professional at Pioneer Rim & Wheel.

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