Where to Find the Best Catering Services in Santa Cruz

by | Mar 3, 2016 | Business

Santa Cruz has become a catering mecca in California due to the sheer volume of luxury events that transpire due to the wealth of the Silicone Valley and the presence of Napa Valley. This part of California that is sophisticated due to wealth and viniculture has attracted several gourmet chefs. What has ended up happening is that the California elite combined with their sensational soil for vineyards have created a sophisticated catering industry that is to be rivaled with. To see where you find great catering services in Santa Cruz, continue reading below.

The Best Place to Find Reliable Catering Companies in Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz has a plethora of luxury hotels. This is usually a great place to start because these luxury hotels have ties to the better restaurants in Santa Cruz. Catering services can easily be inquired about in the top restaurants that host the top culinary talent. Additionally, these top restaurants may even offer catering services themselves.

If luxury hotels are not ideal, it is wise to go straight to the top restaurants yourself. These restaurants will likely have top industry recommendations that would be ideal for your sophisticated event.

Another viable option is to consider visiting the more sophisticated venues in Santa Cruz or in the neighboring areas that host luxury events. These places will usually have a list of catering companies that they have an established relationship with. This will be the ideal place to find the type of sophisticated catering company that you are looking for to cater your upcoming event.

Signs of When to Avoid a Catering Company

Catering companies need to be forthcoming about their prior references. If the catering company does not want to provide you with references or if you find several negative reviews online, it is usually best to look elsewhere.

If a catering company does not have a great deal of experience with an event of your size, then it is best to seek a company that does. At times, when managing an event of one hundred people or more, it can be quite daunting to prepare high-quality dishes. Be sure that the catering company has at least three events that are the same size of yours and that they all went well. This will give you reassurance that the catering company is up to the task of catering for your upcoming event.

Finding the right catering company for your upcoming event is quite a simple process if you know where to look. Do not be afraid to ask everyone around you for catering recommendations. Catering, like many other sectors of the business world, is run by networking and word of mouth. Rest assured that if you do your due diligence, you will have a wonderful event that has sensational food for your guests.

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