Why Choose Granite Countertops, Find an Installation Expert in San Antonio

Why Choose Granite Countertops, Find an Installation Expert in San Antonio

Regardless of where you live or work, the thing that most people want is granite countertops. They work perfectly in homes and apartments, as well as break rooms at work, at the doctor’s office, and many other locations. It brings elegance and beauty to any space, which is perfect if many people see or use it daily. It can also help you change the décor of your home or apartment to suit your needs better. Residents in San Antonio are sure to notice the many benefits of granite after just a few uses.

Highly Durable

While stone-based counters aren’t necessarily considered the most reliable options, they are incredibly tough. You can’t easily scratch or scorch them. Therefore, they are suitable for homes that have inexperienced cooks or those who like to cut directly on the counter or set hot pans directly on the counter. Along with such, they are resistant to scratches and chipping, especially if they include a seal.


While granite is porous, which means it can soak up whatever liquid is put on it, the sealant used makes it nonporous. Therefore, you can drip water or spaghetti sauce on it without fear. However, you should still wipe it up as soon as possible to prevent staining and may want to sanitize after having raw meat or poultry directly on the counter to be safe.

From the Environment

Because the natural stone comes from the earth, it is also eco-friendly. Therefore, you can feel good about having it in your home knowing that it is natural, though the sealant is manmade.

Granite countertops look excellent regardless of your home’s style or your décor preferences. Visit Shaw Company Remodeling in San Antonio to request an estimate today.

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