Why Keeping Contact Information For An Auto Towing Service In The Glove Box Is A Good Idea

by | Jun 2, 2016 | Automotive

Vehicle owners know that issues with their cars and trucks can develop at any time. While it’s great to have the phone number for a local Auto Towing Service saved in the contact list on a smartphone, using the old-school method of writing the information on an index card and keeping it in the glove box is also a good idea. Here are some of the reasons why this approach makes sense.

Left the Phone at Home

While some people automatically reach for their smartphones as they head out the door, there’s always the possibility of forgetting to bring it along. If the car develops some type of engine trouble during the outing, there will be no chance to use the phone to call for help. Since all the necessary data is available in hard copy form, all it will take is removing the card from the glove box, walking into a local shop, and asking the owner about using the landline to call the local Auto Towing Service.

Phone Battery Dies

While the driver remembered to bring the phone along, the device is running low on battery power. That’s because it has not been plugged into a charger for several days. There isn’t enough power to place an outbound call. Having the contact information for the towing service on a card will make it easier to find a phone and make that call.

Can’t Find the Phone

In the aftermath of an accident, the phone can’t be found. Somehow, it was thrown away from the vehicle during the impact. Get to a phone to call the police and use the information on the card to call a towing service. While waiting for everyone to show up, look around and see if the missing phone can be located.

It’s possible to be stranded for a number of reasons. From the radiator overheating to being involved in a fender-bender, the potential for needing a tow truck is always present. When the need arises, call the team at USA Towing & Recovery today. In no time at all, a professional will be on the way to retrieve the vehicle and take it wherever the client wants. You can also follow them on Twitter for more updates.

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